Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts
There comes a time to start planning for the future, but many individuals wait until it is too late. Whether it’s planning for retirement, deciding how to pass your assets on to loved ones, or leaving a charitable gift, it is essential to have an estate plan.
Trust and Estate Planner for Individuals and Businesses
Located in Penacook (North Concord), DE Whiting LLC provides comprehensive trust and estate advisory services to individuals, couples, families and business owners in Concord, New London, Merrimack and Hillsborough Counties and throughout New Hampshire.
Experienced Elder Law Attorney
As we age, our financial, health care and legal needs change. Our firm provides compassionate legal and planning advice to residents in Greater Concord and surrounding communities as they navigate these often confusing waters.
Protecting Your Assets and Personal Decisions with Customized Estate Planning
We help our clients accomplish their goals and also consider changes that will occur during their lifetime by creating customized estate planning documents, including:
  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Advance Health Care Directives
We often suggest creating a revocable living trust, which takes title to your property, allows you to continue managing your assets while you are alive, and designates beneficiaries to receive your property after you pass on. Trusts can also be utilized to plan for incapacity, provide for children with special needs, or a variety of other purposes.
Unlike a will, however, a properly designed and funded trust does not have to be probated in court, which can save time and money. To ensure that property is properly transferred into the trust, it is also necessary to prepare a pour-over will.
Last Will And Testament
This legal document establishes how your assets will be managed and distributed to your loved ones. A Will allows you to choose a person to manage your estate after you pass on and also suggest guardians for minor children. Without a will, the court will intervene to make decisions about your estate assets and guardianship that may not agree with your wishes.
Power Of Attorney
A durable power of attorney is necessary to protect your interests in the event you become incapacitated and cannot manage your affairs. This document appoints an agent, typically a family member or close friend, to hand your personal and business affairs such as paying bills, managing bank accounts, real estate, and other investments.
Advance Directive For Healthcare
If you are injured in an accident or become ill and cannot speak for yourself, a durable power for healthcare allows you to name a trusted person to coordinate medical decisions with your doctors to ensure that you receive the type of healthcare you prefer.
Living Will
This is another type of advance medical directive that clarifies the type of end of life treatment you prefer to receive, or have withheld if you become terminally ill or incapacitated and cannot communicate these decisions.
Compassionate Estate Planning Attorney in Greater Concord
DE Whiting LLC is dedicated to guiding clients through every step of the estate planning process. We are dedicated to getting to know our clients, listening to their needs, and tailoring plans to their unique circumstances. We offer services to clients of every financial background, including high net-worth individuals, and treat everyone with kindness and compassion. Call us today for a consultation.
Proudly serving clients in the Greater Concord area and surrounding communities throughout New Hampshire.
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