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Individuals and business owners in New Hampshire are faced with numerous challenges and also have unique needs. Whether it is estate planning, starting a new business, or resolving a tax dispute, issues often arise that require proper advice and counsel.
Located in Penacook (North Concord), DE Whiting, LLC provides comprehensive legal services to clients in Concord and surrounding areas in Merrimack County. We are dedicated to understanding our client’s circumstances and helping them achieve their goals. Our services encompass estate planning, probate and estate administration, business planning and tax resolution.
Estate Planning
Many individuals think the term “estate” only applies to the wealthy when, in fact, an estate consists of everything you own. Moreover, estate planning is not merely about getting your affairs in order, but rather planning for your future.
At DE Whiting, LLC, we can help you protect your assets, and provide for your loved ones. We have extensive experience preparing a variety of estate planning documents, including:
  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Advance Health Care Directives
  • Powers of Attorney
Ultimately, a well-designed estate plan will allow you to suggest guardians for minor children, avoid probate and estate taxes. Our objective is to help you chart a road map for your future and put your mind at ease knowing your interests and loved ones will be protected.
Our services include representing executors and administrators in the Probate Courts, providing trust administration services to trustees and successor trustees, preparing trust documents and accountings for the estate, and ensuring executors and trustees meet their fiduciary obligations in managing the estate assets.
Business Services
Launching a business venture is an exciting experience, but many individuals may not be aware of the legal complexities involved. We work with clients to form legally sound business organizations, assist with filing foundational documents with the Secretary of State, obtaining tax identification numbers, and negotiating business agreements. We also provide guidance on fundamental business concepts, assist with implementing accounting and bookkeeping systems and counsel business owners on tax and retirement planning.
Tax Resolution
New Hampshire residents are known for their independent spirit in this Live Free or Die State, and many individuals prepare their returns with tax preparation software. However, costly mistakes are common and often lead to long-lasting consequences. Similarly, some taxpayers may decide not to file for returns, sometimes for legitimate reasons. Nonetheless, in both circumstances, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can impose financial penalties that may be added to the total tax bill. In short, the service can place a lien on a taxpayer or even implement a tax levy and seize income, financial accountants and property to satisfy the tax debt.
DE Whiting, LLC helps explore all their options for tax penalty relief, such as an installment plan, a tax penalty abatement, or an offer in compromise. In sum, we assist clients with becoming tax compliant from prior years and remaining compliant going forward.
Serving The Community With Dedication And Integrity
Unlike most law firms, DE Whiting, LLC is committed to working closely with clients and establishing ongoing professional relationships. Dawn’s guiding principle is to treat each client fairly and honestly and to help individuals, couples, families and small business owners achieve their goals. Call our office today for a consultation.
DE Whiting LLC serves clients in Concord, Merrimack County and surrounding areas throughout the State of New Hampshire.
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