Tax Preparation & Planning
Understanding state and federal tax laws is difficult, and many individuals and businesses may not be aware of legitimate ways to minimize their tax obligations. At the same time, making a mistake when filing a tax return can have long-lasting consequences. For this reason, it is essential to work with an experienced tax accountant and attorney.
Tax Accountant and Attorney for Businesses and Individuals
DE Whiting, LLC provides tax preparation and planning services to a wide range of clients in New Hampshire. Dawn has over 35 years of experience as a tax accountant and has also been a practicing attorney for more than 25 years. She assists clients with meeting their tax obligations and insights on reducing their tax burdens. Dawn also provides tax planning services for those who are creating an estate plan or involved in probating an estate.
Tax Return Preparation
DE Whiting LLC routinely prepares tax returns for individuals, small businesses, partnerships, non-profit organizations, private foundations, as well as trusts and estates, including:
  • Forms 1040, 1040A and 1040 EZ Individual Tax Returns
  • Form 1065, Business-Partnership (multi-member LLCs)
  • Form 1120S, S Corporation Return
  • Form 709, Gift Tax Return
  • Form 706, Estate Tax Return
  • Form 1041, Fiduciary Tax Return
  • Form 1099
  • Form W-2
  • Form W-9
  • Forms 990 and 990PF, Non-profit Returns

Tax Schedule Preparation
We recognize that each client is unique and that each tax return must be tailored to their circumstances. With this in mind, we also prepare a wide range of schedules that may be required, including:
  • Schedule A (Itemized Deductions)
  • Schedule C (Small Business)
  • Schedule D (Sales of Investments)
  • Schedule E (Rental Property)
  • Schedule F (Farms)
  • And many others
Tax Reduction Help
Our assistance is not limited to completing and filing forms with the Internal Revenue Service, however. We are dedicated to understanding each client’s circumstances and providing comprehensive, cost-effective tax planning services on an ongoing basis.
If your objective is to reduce your taxes, we will conduct the necessary research to help you determine when to take deductions and how that will impact your tax obligation. We rely on the latest tax software to prepare current returns as well as to project taxes in the future. Also, we routinely collaborate with a network of professionals including accountants, financial advisors, and other estate and tax planning attorneys to assist clients who have specific needs and unique circumstances.
FBAR Preparation: Tax Help for Foreign Financial Assets
If you’re a US citizen and own or have an interest in assets (valued at $10,000 or above) outside of the country we can help you complete a Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) to ensure you remain tax compliant.
Foreign Financial Asset Declaration
Foreign financial assets (also called Specified Foreign Financial Assets by the IRS) include:
  • Bank accounts, investment accounts, and mutual funds held at institutions outside of the United States
  • Pensions from a foreign country
  • Non-US stocks, bonds, and other securities
  • Any interest in a foreign corporation, partnership, or trust
  • Financial instruments or contracts with a non-U.S. issuer or counter-party
Professional Tax Help for Foreign Financial Investments
Because foreign asset tax laws, value thresholds, and forms change periodically, it’s important to work with an experienced tax professional like DE Whiting LLC. We’ll ensure you remain tax-compliant and penalty-free!
Tax Help for US Citizens Living Abroad
If you’re a United States citizen living abroad, your worldwide income is subject to US income taxes. We can help you with your tax preparation and let you know if you qualify for foreign income tax credits and/or certain foreign-earned income exclusions. We have provided tax assistance to many US citizens living around the world, including France, Wales, New Zealand, Canada, and Ireland.
Affordable Tax Preparation and Planning Advice In New Hampshire
DE Whiting, LLC combines personal service with sophisticated legal and business advice, and always puts the best interests of clients first. Regardless of your financial status, navigating the tax code can be complicated. By engaging the services of a highly skilled tax accountant and attorney, you can avoid mistakes, protect your interests and plan for your future. If you need assistance with any tax preparation or planning matter, call our office today for a consultation.
Located in Penacook (North Concord), DE Whiting, LLC serves clients in Concord, New London, and Merrimack County and surrounding communities throughout the State of New Hampshire.
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