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Tax Preparation & Planning

With over 30 years’ experience, the services we provide include basic to complex tax return preparation.  Life is stressful enough without you having to worry about whether your taxes are prepared correctly and whether you are paying too much in taxes.  Let us take your worries away when it comes to complete and accurate tax return preparation at reasonable prices.  This list below is just a partial list of the more common types of returns we prepare:

  • Form 1040, US Individual  Income Tax Return

  • Form 1040A, US Individual  Income Tax Return

  • Form 1040-EZ, Income Tax Return for Single and Joint Filers with No Dependents

  • Form 1065, Partnership Return

  • Form 1120S, S Corporation Return

  • Form 709, Gift Tax Return

  • Form 706, Estate Tax Return

  • Form 1041, Fiduciary Tax Return

  • Form 1099

  • Form W-2

  • Form W-9

  • Forms 990 and 990PF, Non-profit Returns

Each client is unique. Therefore, each return is unique.  Some of the returns we prepare require complex forms to be completed, such as

  • Schedule A, Itemized Deductions

  • Schedule C, Small business

  • Schedule D, Sales of Investments

  • Schedule  E, Rental Property

  • Schedule F, Farms

  • Office in Home for small businesses

  • Depreciation Schedules

  • Like-Kind Exchanges

  • Sale of Business Assets

  • Identity Theft

  • And more.

We also provide research of the tax law, when necessary.  Planning is an important tool to reduce your taxes.  Knowing whether to take an additional deduction this year or next, can impact the amount of taxes that you pay.  We are here to do the planning for you.  We use state of the art tax software to both prepare your returns and to project future years.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the tax preparation services that we can provide at reasonable prices.

Tax Resolution

Are you in hot water with the IRS?  Have you ignored the notices being sent to you?  Do you require prior years’ tax returns to be prepared?  We offer tax resolution services.  Not only do we help you become compliant with the past issues haunting you, we assist you in preparing a plan of action that you can live with.  The IRS can take your assets in many circumstances. They can penalize you, as well.

We have worked with many clients bring closure to IRS issues.  There are options that may be available to you, such as penalty abatement, installment payment plans and offers in compromise.  The IRS has created a ‘Fresh Start’ program that you may be able to benefit from.  We will sit down with you and review your current needs and suggest the best alternatives for you.  Call now, if you are in trouble with the IRS. Time is of the essence.

Estate Planning

When we think of estate planning, quite often, it brings to mind our death. However, estate planning goes well beyond that.  It includes planning for your future, whether that includes retiring early, or working into your elder years.  It includes planning for unplanned events, such as disability for you or a loved one.  We are here to help you with the planning for the future.  This includes the following:

  • Trusts

  • Wills

  • Health Care Directives

  • Powers of Attorney

  • And more

You are creating your road map to follow, as you mature.  If you are 21 or 61, it is always good to know where you are and the direction you are heading.  We draft the plans that allow you the peace of mind for your future and the future of your loved ones.

Business Planning

Business planning overlaps with estate planning and with tax planning.  If you are just opening a business or thinking about it, you may not know where to start.  We can help with the necessary paperwork to open a business.  Do you need to incorporate, or become an LLC? Or can you be just a sole proprietor?  And, what does all of this mean?  We can unravel it for you, explain the different forms of business and suggest what would be best for you.  We can then prepare any documents you need to operate your business.

Where do you start with the numbers side of the business?  We can suggest accounting software and train you in its use.  If you need bookkeeping assistance until you can do it yourself, we offer this service to you.   

If you have been in business for some time, you may be wondering how you can grow your business and what resources are available.  You may wonder how you can reduce your taxes or when the best time would be to purchase a piece of equipment.  Business planning and tax planning go hand in hand and we can offer solutions to help you make the crucial decisions to expand and grow your business.


Bookkeeping services may be provided for our clients who require this service.  We do not offer this service as a stand-alone service. For our business clients, we may review bookkeeping entries, prepare reports, and prepare simple journal entries for the preparation of their tax returns.  We will assist in setting up the books for your business and train you on the use of the software.

so you are confident and comfortable with your bookkeeping process.   Because this is not the main focus of our business, we provide this service to our clients on a limited basis.  If our client requires more, or requires full time bookkeeping, we will work his/her bookkeeper to allow for the smooth operation of the business.  For those clients who can do the simple bookkeeping but need a periodic review throughout the year for tax purposes, our services are available.

Legal Services

Our goal is to make your life easier and less stressful and to let you tend to the important things in your life with peace of mind. Legal services includes the estate planning explained under the caption Estate Planning {link to it here} and Business Planning {link to it here}.  In addition to those legal services offered, we work in Probate.  If you have a loved one who has passed, can prepare the necessary probate forms and advise on the best path to take in the Probate Court.  The court system has changed over the years and quite often, clients need assistance in the preparation of various forms, including accountings for the estate.  We provide these services.  It there is a testamentary trust, we will prepare the annual accountings for the trust for you. Our concentration for legal services are:

  • Taxation

  • Estate Planning

  • Probate

  • Business

Allow us to help you accomplish your goals.

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